Milo’s Grave

Milo’s Grave

by Allison and Doug Haydel

We were at St. Johnsbury on Labor Day, when most things were shut down. A lady directed us to Mount Pleasant Cemetery. The groundskeeper, who lives next door, was not in.

We walked and walked, not realizing for a long time that the oldest part would be on the top of the hill. It was a gorgeous, cool day, with light filtering through the trees.

First, we found graves of George and Flora E. Grow–whose graves turned out not to be anywhere near Milo’s. George died in 1855 and Flora died in 1884. We don’t know who they were.

Milo’s grave is about a quarter mile from the entrance, on the very top of the ridge. There is a central obelisk with Silas and Lamoille Grow. Silas died in 1862, his wife in 1868. Another side of the obelisk lists Milo Grow (Jan. 24, 1864), the fourth side lists David (d. 1879).

To the cemetery. Go NE on Main Street, which takes a hard left and turns into Mt. Pleasant Street. Follow this to the cemetery. Inside the cemetery, keep to the left, to the top of the ridge. Go not quite to the end of the cemetery and look off to the left.

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