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Writings about my wife Christl, who died after 42 years together.

Home Birth, Home Death
She panted at times as if to give birth again — only this time to deliver herself from this life

At the Nude Beach in Vienna
The current swept her below the beach, behind the coffeehouses at the river’s edge.

Christl’s Resume as a Mom
Her applications got no response, so I asked her to let me rewrite her resume.

Christl and the Icon Panties
Her panties suddenly fell down to her ankles

A Myth that Guided Christl’s Life
The story of Baucis and Philemon

Recovering a Lost Photograph
Christl took this picture, but never saw it

Her Own Bank Account
What a Cat Taught Me about Feeling Free

Scattering Christl’s Ashes

Christl and her Magic Bag in the Immigration Office
Soon half the children in the room lay on the floor with us, drawing

Other articles

On The Cross:
Events have become more extreme than this extreme image

Winter Solstice
Solstice has appeared in many stories

The Dog who Told Us His Name
Whenever he said a word that rhymed with blue, the dog got excited.

The Day I Invaded East Germany
At that moment, we both must have been contemplating what it would be like to spend the rest of our lives in an East German prison.

The Second American Civil War
What could happen if two fervently held, opposing rights become irreconcilable

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