Personal 2

Nan the Lamb. A story of my mother’s.

Elva Grow’s Welcome to her Class. To her students when she started teaching in Colquitt, Ga., around 1930.

The Woman Who Became County School Superintendent. My mother’s story, woven together from several interviews with her.

My Friend James. A memorial.

John David Grow Memorial Page

Taoist Inner Smile Meditation. Adapted by my wife from classes she took with qigong master Mantak Chia.

Spiders Mating. A rare photograph of golden orb weaver spiders mating, and my journal entry describing it.

Take What You Need flyer. A lovely thing to post somewhere people will come upon it and encounter their higher aspirations.

Meta-Metaphor Humor. 52 light-hearted illustrations of the images that typically lie just beneath the conscious level of communication.

Family History Recordings on the Grow and White Families of Colquitt and Pearson, Georgia. Made at times between 1977 and 2001.

Articles and Creative Work