Milo Grow’s Letters from the Civil War

My great-great grandfather’s letters to his wife, mostly from Fredericksburg


David Grow

A memorial website to my older brother, who died in 2002.

Elva White Grow Clark

A memorial website to my mother, who died in 2004 at age 94.

My friend James

Delivered at James Culpepper’s memorial service in 2003.

Florida Parks: A Guide to Camping and Nature.

About Gerald Grow’s out-of-print book,

Meditating with Nature–fromĀ Florida Parks.

Spiders Mating–from a journal entry.

Spiders Mating

Guided Relaxation–MP3 audio file. A restful toe-to-head guided relaxation that ends in a beautiful garden. about 12 minutes long, plus 5 minutes of cricket sounds at the end. Created as a New Year’s gift during the stressful period of the oil crisis of 1973-4.

Everything is Transformed–a philosophy in miniature, from a dream.

We are Literally Made from Stars — a brief inspirational essay about how we are connected to the universe.

An inspirational poem, “Just to See”

The Tao of Food: Photographs of the preparation and serving of a dim sum luncheon at the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Tallahassee. June 23-24, 2007. (Just to see.)

Articles and Creative Work