Grow-Jinks Timeline

Timeline for the Grow-Sloan-Jinks Families

At the Grow-Sloan-Jinks reunion, November 29, 2002, Joy Jinks led us in creating a timeline of events in our extended family — descendants of Milo Grow — since the Civil War, along with events in the world at the time.

Through this marvelous exercise, she¬†wanted the younger ones to understand their place in family history — to imagine when their parents and grandparents and great-grandparents were children, and to anticipate growing up and having children as well–and to envision the family continuing into the future as the ongoing cycles of the generations, of which we are a part.

Joy and Clyde had just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Photo of timeline
Timeline, Descendants of Milo Grow





Milo Grow’s Letters from the Civil War


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