Learning Style Survey

The following is a Grasha-Riechmann student learning style survey. It has been designed to help you clarify your attitudes and feelings toward the courses you have taken thus far in college. There are no right or wrong answers to each question. However, as you answer each question, form your answers with regard to your general attitudes and feelings towards all of your courses.

Respond to questions below by using the following rating scale.

1 = strongly disagree | 2 = moderately disagree | 3 = undecided |
4 = moderately agree | 5 = strongly agree

1. I prefer to work by myself on assignments in my courses. Response:
2. I often daydream during class. Response:
3. Working with other students on class activities is something I enjoy doing. Response:
4. I want teachers to state exactly what they expect from students. Response:
5. To do well, it is necessary to compete with other students for the teacher's attention. Response:
6. I do whatever is asked of me to learn the content in my classes. Response:
7. My ideas about the content often are as good as those in the textbook. Response:
8. Classroom activities are usually boring. Response:
9. I enjoy discussing my ideas about course content with other students. Response:
10. I rely on my teachers to tell me what is important for me to learn. Response:
11. It is necessary to compete with other students to get a good grade. Response:
12. Class sessions typically are worth attending. Response:
13. I study what is important to me and not always what the instructor says is important. Response:
14. I very seldom am excited about material covered in a course. Response:
15. I enjoy hearing what other students think about issues raised in class. Response:
16. I want clear and detailed instructions on how to complete assignments. Response:
17. In class, I must compete with other students to get my ideas across. Response:
18. I get more out of going to class than staying at home. Response:
19. I learn a lot of the content in my classes on my own. Response:
20. I don't want to attend most of my classes. Response:

1 = strongly disagree | 2 = moderately disagree | 3 = undecided |
4 = moderately agree | 5 = strongly agree

21. Students should be encouraged to share more of their ideas with each other. Response:
22. I complete assignments exactly the way my teachers tell me to do them. Response:
23. Students have to be aggressive to do well in courses. Response:
24. It is my responsibility to get as much as I can out of a course. Response:
25. I feel very confident about my ability to learn on my own. Response:
26. Paying attention during class sessions is difficult for me to do. Response:
27. I like to study for tests with other students. Response:
28. Trying to decide what to study or how to do assignments makes me uncomfortable. Response:
29. I like to solve problems or answer questions before anybody else can. Response:
30. Classroom activities are interesting. Response:
31. I like to develop my own ideas about course content. Response:
32. I have given up trying to learn anything from going to class. Response:
33. Class sessions make me feel like part of a team where people help each other learn. Response:
34. Students should be more closely supervised by teachers on course projects. Response:
35. To get ahead in class, it is necessary to step on the toes of other students. Response:
36. I try to participate as much as I can in all aspects of a course. Response:
37. I have my own ideas about how classes should be run. Response:
38. I study just hard enough to get by. Response:
39. An important part of taking courses is learning to get along with other people. Response:
40. My notes contain almost everything the teacher said in class. Response:

1 = strongly disagree | 2 = moderately disagree | 3 = undecided |
4 = moderately agree | 5 = strongly agree

41. Being one of the best students in my classes is very important to me. Response:
42. I do all course assignments well whether or not I think they are interesting. Response:
43. If I like a topic, I try to find out more about it on my own. Response:
44. I typically cram for exams. Response:
45. Learning the material was a cooperative effort between students and teachers. Response:
46. I prefer class sessions that are highly organized. Response:
47. To stand out in my classes, I complete assignments better than other students. Response:
48. I typically complete course assignments before their deadlines. Response:
49. I prefer to work on class projects and assignments by myself. Response:
50. I would prefer that teachers ignore me in class. Response:
51. I am willing to help other students out when they do not understand something. Response:
52. Students should be told exactly what material is to be covered on exams. Response:
53. I like to know how well other students are doing on exams and course assignments. Response:
54. I complete required assignments as well as those that are optional. Response:
55. When I don't understand something, I first try to figure it out for myself. Response:
56. During class sessions, I tend to socialize with people sitting next to me. Response:
57. I enjoy participating in small group activities during class. Response:
58. I want teachers to have outlines or notes on the board. Response:
59. I want my teachers to give me more recognition for the good work I do. Response:
60. In my classes, I often sit toward the front of the room. Response:
Copyright 1976, 1987, 1990, 1996 by Anthony F. Grasha and Sheryl Riechmann-Hruska, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Oh 45221

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