Photos of David Grow's life
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01a_Colquitt_home_1934 02a_highchair 02b_BillyDavidat2and4 03a_Daddy_Billy1943
Our home in Colquitt, Ga. 1934, before the carport was enclosed to make the new living room. David (right) with older brother Billy. Around 1940. David's father, William A. Grow, Sr., with brother Billy in the background. Around 1944.
03_in_uniform1943 04a_Mother_Billy_car1943 04b_Airplane_Swing 05a_First_Grade1944
Billy and David in uniform, 1944. Part of a long, normal childhood spent outdoors in sports, fishing, and playing war. Mother (Elva White Grow), Billy, David, with Gerald behind. Around 1944. The famous "airplane swing" that Daddy built for the boys. First Grade picture, 1945.
05b_Elva&Bill_1940s 05c_Daddy&fish 06_Ship_Drawing 07_Fifth_Grade_Picture1949
Elva and Bill, late '40s. In 1948, she was elected county school superintendent. Some of David's fondest childhood memories are of going fishing with Daddy.